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Blue Sky Flower Farm

Open for the 2024 Season
hours posted on our calendar and on social media!

Our Story

Meet  Lauren  and  Betty


Mom and daughter duo! We wanted to put our little piece of land to use with little-to-no background on flowers. What started out as a small idea "about flowers", has now become a beautiful location for many to enjoy, converse, and make new friends! Watching families and friends walking through our flowers has been nothing short of amazing! We are forever thankful for the relationships and friends we've met over the seasons.  


We are always up to something and like to keep busy...along with the flowers, we spend a lot of our time caring for our honey bees, that produce some delicious honey, and make clean burning soy candles! We sell our honey and candles in a small shop on our farm.

We can't wait to meet you! 


Mason Jar - $25

3/4 gallon - $35 

1 gallon - $40

We provide the containers & clippers!

* Bring your own mason jar and get $2 off

* Bring back your containers from BSF and get $1 off 

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